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Custom Blend Foundation

Custom Blend Foundation
2013/10/22 Better Blueprint
Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

I love fall even though I quietly lament the passing of summer (long days, hot weather, sunny days, sand in between my toes, outdoor workouts that felt more strenuous since I sweated more, etc).

So, it's time to pull out some type of facial assistance that will allow me to retain my glow. The answer is Prescriptives custom blend foundation. I had mine done a little while ago and now I'm ready to use it ~ plus it has radiance added because I need the glow! First things first - I don't wear foundation so I was extremely skeptical and reticent about trying this. I didn't want to look like I had on makeup.

My Live Video Chat and the expertise of my Rx Beauty Genius left me feeling good. When I got it and tried it on, it left me looking good (and natural).

You simply must try it!

Bonus: they keep everything on file so you can simply re-order your "usual" and they have you a small bottle for your purse so need for depotting your custom blend foundation.

WINNING...I swear!!

{my custom foundation on my hand; the top is completely blended and the bottom once first applied}

{my custom foundation on my hand; the top is the foundation completely blended and the bottom is when its first applied}