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Getting The Warm “Fuzzies”

Getting The Warm “Fuzzies”
2013/10/23 Better Blueprint
{Julia Sarr Samois}

{Julia Sarr-Jamois}

It's the time of year when you want to snuggle up in something warm or by a cozy fire on the weekend, and just be easy. Not every weekend allows for that but, one of the big trends we're seeing is "fuzzy" outerwear fashion.

I like it and can see it on a cold, dry late fall day with a pair of ecru/off white thin wale cords and a fitted sweatshirt. I'd be willing to try it.

To keep from looking like snufalofagus, the outerwear can't eat up too much body real estate and the rest of the look has to be simple and understated - everything is about the fuzzy.

Julia gets a little jiggy with it using colorful fur but I'm more inclined to go neutral. Here's my proposed weekend look for busy Saturday in New York:

{toothpick ecru cords [on sale at J.Crew], faux fur jacket, Chloe mixed media wedge sneakers}

faux fur jacket, Chloe wedge sneakers