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Insider Beauty Trick: Eyelift

Insider Beauty Trick: Eyelift
2012/09/26 Better Blueprint

"White eyeliner is an absolutely essential tool that every makeup artist has in their kit." - Alphonse Wiebelt {Professional Makeup Artist & Educator}

  1. The Brow Lift: Glide liner under brow. Use smudger to blend downwards, creating a visual eye-lift and defining the brow.
  2. A Real Eye-Opener: Glide along top lash line and smudge out over the eyelid making the eye look larger and the lashes longer, fuller and more dramatic.
  3. The Power Nap: Glide along lower wet line (a.k.a. inner rim of eye) to cancel out redness along the lower lash line. This reflects white into the eyes, creating a fresh, well-rested look.