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What I’m Reading Wednesdays…on Thursday

What I’m Reading Wednesdays…on Thursday
2014/11/20 Better Blueprint

women over 30

I'm a day behind but not a dollar short. Did you see yesterdays post about Mary J. Blige's new album? She's done it again so make sure to check out the post, my favorites, and get ready to scoop the album on December 2nd. Now on to reading....

This week, I've been reading just about any- and everything related to women, entrepreneurship (Tuesday was Women Entrepreneurship Day), and fashion. I hope you check out these out because most are quick reads and will give you excellent fodder for random conversations with people. I'm only giving you my top picks this week because I must have had too much free time or squandered it away because I read everything that came into my inbox!

  • Intel thinks 'stylish' women will love this $495 bracelet (
  • 30 Famous Women on Overcoming Their Insecurities (The Cut)
  • 8 Things You Didn't Know About London (Conde Nast Traveler) ~ sorry Amir!
  • Ivanka Trump on the New Power Dressing and Her #WomenWhoWork Campaign (
  • How To Eat What You Want - and Stay Healthy- This Holiday Season ( ~ cliff notes version seems to be to steer clear of sauces and the bread basket!
  • Riley Montana for Exit Magazine (whowhatwear) ~ a new model crush!