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Jump Start 2013 Be-You-Tifully

Jump Start 2013 Be-You-Tifully
2012/12/18 Better Blueprint

I've been 'gathering intel' and putting together the most comprehensive must-have list to jump start 2013 be-you-tifully. It's involved personal experience and the intel of many a wise beauty folk including the lovely Julia Coney.

Here's the skinny:

  1. Dream water ($15, 4-pack) ~ your body requires rest to rejuvenate and wonky sleep patterns and sporadic sleep won't get you what you need. Dream Water uses natural ingredients and it works (I tried it and slept like a baby!)
  2. Crest whitestrips ($41) ~whiter teeth instantly take 15 years off your look and it's so easy and inexpensive
  3. Josie Maran argan oil ($14) ~ one of the keys to great skin is moisturizing; this argan oil is part of my every day program and after being introduced to it about two years ago from my friend Johnica, I don't think I'll ever go without it....ever!
  4. NARS lip gloss ($24) ~ if you can't do anything, you must have some shine on your lips (dry lips take away from your overall luster); my color is Coup de Coeur because it's 100% the best natural color for me...
  5. Natura Bisse Diamond Line Infusion ($590) ~ it's not a typo but it's the TRUTH; I started using it a week ago and I'm now getting worry line about how I'm going to get this stuff after this bottle is finished. I use it everyday
  6. Dr. Gross Skincare alpha beta face peel ($85) ~ this has been part of my routine since I lived in Chicago so over 10 years; I started out using it every day but have since moved to using it every other day
  7. AHAVA mud exfoliator ($27) ~ every other day (that I don't use my alpha beta facial peel) I use this to clarify my skin
  8. NUDE Skincare ProGenius treatment oil ($78) ~ this contains ten carefully selected plant oils and is rich in omega 3, 6, 7, and 9; it's step three/four in my daily regimen
  9. Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Repairing Night Cream ($300) ~ I've never been into twice a day programs but with age, you get wiser and thus, I've started applying this night cream to my face and decolletage; usually it's every other day. This was my gift from Orlane Paris during my recent visit and, again, am thinking strategically about what will happen when I've used every single ounce of it....
  10. Davi Napa Le Grand Cru ($175) ~ my new everyday moisturizer and it absorbs so wonderfully;  it's formulated with moisturizing shea butter, rosemary, green tea, grape extracts and vitamin E to fight free radicals, and our exclusive DAVI Meritage anti-aging complex
  11. 3Lab neck cream ($130) ~it's a hydrating, firming cream; skin contouring and slimming ingredients to help reduce the appearance of neck fat and "double chin"; I've been using it everyday for the past six weeks and not sure I've noticed the difference but am hopeful it will show later!
  12. Clarisonic Skincare system ($159) ~ I received this two years ago as part of Lucky FABB and I've never looked back. I now have a travel one too and there is rarely occasion that I don't use it -- love it!

That's a wrap ~ just over $1,600 worth of beauty for 2013!!