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2012/12/17 Better Blueprint

Apparently there are rules to wearing turtlenecks and Esquire has laid them out clearly. And we concur.....

  1. Cotton is good but thin merino wool is better.
  2. Turtlenecks were not meant to be worn alone.
  3. If you have a short neck, no turtlenecks for you. [our own addition]
  4. The saggier the neck, the worse it looks ~ keep it tight!
  5. Black turtlenecks are slimming but also very Giorgio Armani-esque.
  6. Try a little color...
Our advice: if you're in a cool climate or travel extensively, you need at least one or two preferably in a thinner,layerable material like a wool blend; and you want a black/grey option, or something in the brown/wine family

Turtlenecks: J.Crew ($60-90) || Banana Republic ($60) || Faconnable || BOSS Orange ($135)