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  • Mar032014

    MANly Facts: Shirts

    If you can't place one finger comfortably into the top of your buttoned shirt, it's too small. Can you even…

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  • Dec172012


    Apparently there are rules to wearing turtlenecks and Esquire has laid them out clearly. And we concur..... Cotton is good…

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  • May072012

    Men’s Shirts For Under $100

    That's easy because you need them ~ for spring and summer, you can do cool plaids, polos, or henleys. We…

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  • Apr272012

    Don’t Get Played By Plaid

    It's doable and tell me this contemporary plaid blazer with collarless shirt isn't HOT! Wearing plaid doesn't have to be…

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  • Mar122012

    Men Need Shirts

    ..sometimes! We've pulled together a peek at the must-have tops for men for now, and going to spring. we triple-dog-dare-you…

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  • Feb032012

    If You Need A Shirt & Tie…

    Like it? Try it! Here's how: contrast ~ light with dark, or vice versa micro dots ~ they appear solid…

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  • Dec172011

    Mixed Feelings & Patterns

    If you’re going to do mixed patterns, one should be more pronounced than the other Holiday season = party season…

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  • Sep292011

    Men Like It Easy

    So these Brooks Brothers shirts are perfect! 4 fits (traditional, regular, slim, extra slim), 165 sizes, 100+ styles....and they're non-iron.…

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  • Jun132011

    To My Dad – Who’s Always on the GO

    For the active/outdoorsy fathers, looking sporty without being too casual is hard to do.  A good carryall is essential -- something that…

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  • May242011

    Get Militant and Gentlemanly…at the Same Time


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  • May182011

    Tone Down the Top for Day Two

    Gents- you all have button-down shirts or sport shirts that you pack for the long weekend, but somehow they always…

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  • Mar242011

    Top Spring Trend: Blue, The Color, Not the Mood!

    Blue, the color not the mood, was a prominent shade in men’s collections for Spring 2011.  Don’t let this color get…

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  • Mar152011

    Striped Down to the Bone

    Spring is all about color, but as a guy too much color can leave you too much of a standout. …

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  • Feb152011

    Hey Slim Jim…

    Ever see a friend (or perhaps yourself) in the mirror and you have massive shirt puffage?!  Well, depending on the…

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  • Nov242010

    Stick It In!

    You're in your prime and physically fit, but when you tuck your shirt into your pants, you get a midsection…

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  • Sep202010

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    A stylish start to the week from last week’s lessons learned… Cigars: There is a certain sexiness to the inhale…

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  • Jul192010

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    A stylish start to the week from last week’s lessons learned….. Ice Cream: It's a fabulous way to stay cool…

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  • Apr282010

    Don’t Shirt the Issue

    Instead of sterile racks of shirts, you'll see saddles, vintage maps of London and late-1800s photos of Richmond, all shipped…

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  • Jul092009

    Ties, Shirts & Suits – How To Make Them Work…

    I have some definite know-how when it comes to pulling men’s business attire together but, I don’t know it all. …

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