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  • Apr022018

    9 things I’m in love with for spring

    You know I'm not into #selfies or taking pics of myself but I can still share some fabulous pieces! Over…

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  • Aug022017

    vintage t-shirt haven

    I'm always in search of cool, vintage-y style t-shirts and I found a few great ones here at & Other…

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  • Sep092016

    Ruffled Blouse

    Tooling around one of my favorite websites to waste time, H&M, and I found this ruffled blouse...and I scooped it…

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  • Aug262016

    Fall Prep

    I don’t even really want to talk about it but such is life….fall officially starts September 22nd so it seems…

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  • Dec142015

    A Craving I Can’t Afford…

    It's a "twofer": a peplum top with made of leopard print! For those that can afford to scoop it: Giambattista…

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  • Apr152015

    Spring Must Haves: Print Blouses

    It's the time to add color with prints, patterns, and texture but finding great print tops …

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  • Jan132015

    T-Shirt Trauma

    There are tons of things I could be talking about or you could be thinking of when you read the…

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  • Feb242014

    Monday MANifesto: Sweater Weather

    It's sweater weather....kinda! Imagine your travel plans from the East Coast to the south for a weekend wedding, or an…

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  • Dec172012


    Apparently there are rules to wearing turtlenecks and Esquire has laid them out clearly. And we concur..... Cotton is good…

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  • Dec102012

    A “Real” Runway, Role Model Mom?

    I'm not a mom. I have no children to speak of (other than my shoes and handbags). I do, however,…

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  • Aug132012

    Sassy Chic Stripes

    This is simple, clean and appeals to that curated casual aesthetic. Plus it works for the working mom who needs…

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  • Jul312012

    Flowers For The Plus Size Lady

    Prints especially florals can be a nightmare to wear...not to mention plus size options. We searched and found a fabulous…

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  • Jun222012

    $231 Summer Outfit

    Shopping List: Polo Ralph Lauren washed cotton-twill cargo shorts ($22.50) ♦ Polo Ralph Lauren custom-fit oxford shirt ($30) ♦ Dolce & Gabbana…

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  • Apr302012

    The Winner of the FAB Designer Blouse Is…

    We got quite a few entries and had a blast doing the contest via Facebook, but alas the time has…

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  • Apr162012

    Do More, Reveal Less…With Shop Presenza

    Do you want a new look for spring?  If so, let us help. Blueprint for Style has teamed up with…

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  • Feb022012

    Spotted & Sheer

    This sheer shirt adds a little extra to your black pencil skirt (even with a black camisole/tank underneath) The solid…

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  • Jan242012

    After-Work Political Mixer Look

    It's a question all of us have to answer especially in a city like DC, or anyone who dares to…

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  • Jan242012

    Denim Pussybow Blouse

    This denim blouse by ASOS represents the best of two worlds: my love for denim and my 2012 commitment to expand…

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  • Mar042010

    Use Color to Move Into Spring

    I love color so, this tip on transitioning into spring is easy: use colors, prints and patterns.  This AE gingham…

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