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A “Real” Runway, Role Model Mom?

A “Real” Runway, Role Model Mom?
2012/12/10 Better Blueprint

I'm not a mom. I have no children to speak of (other than my shoes and handbags). I do, however, have a deep appreciation for the 'working mom' and spend many hours outfitting them. They want comfort. They want fabrics that move and that you can spot clean. They want versatility. And then they want what seems slightly more elusive: a bit of sexiness; femininity, a little bit of edge, and to wake up and roll out looking perky and put together....frankly, we wall want that, right?

So when I saw this picture in Vogue Magazine, I was struck by three things:

  • There were kids....somewhere [in theory]
  • Aside from the aesthetics of the shoot, the outfit worked (along with shoes, of course)
  • Oh my goodness, this is easy to replicate (and simultaneously add your own signature to it)!

Top, bottom, flats.

  • The flats have to be pointy toe (1//2//3)
  • The bottom is where you can hide or highlight your shape on any given day (skirt, pants, denim)
  • The knitwear top (not the one pictured) needs to flex up and down like this or this

Rock with it!

{photo from Vogue, November 2012}