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  • Apr042018

    these pants/joggers are perfection!

    I am IN LOVE with these French terry pintuck pleat pants! They're cream, made of a soft terry, a pseudo-…

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  • Feb032014

    Manly Mondays: Navy Blue Pants

    Navy blue chinos are a must-have for men. They work for casual Fridays, dress up nicely with a sportscoat, and…

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  • Jul152013
    petite, dresses, small frame, WHIT Two

    Pretty, Petite, Perfect Dress!

    Whitney Pozgay is slightly "vertically challenged" thus, has an appreciation for clothing that helps the more petite among us reach…

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  • Feb072013

    I Absolutely Will Not Buy This

    It's ridiculous. It's overpriced. It's not "all that". It's so ordinary. But..... It's the perfect color, style/shape, and fit. This…

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  • Dec102012

    A “Real” Runway, Role Model Mom?

    I'm not a mom. I have no children to speak of (other than my shoes and handbags). I do, however,…

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  • Aug062012

    The Shorts Story

    It's never to late to understand the nuance of shorts lengths. I found this cool pic of various shorts sizes…

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  • May152012

    Striped Away

    To add a little zip to any outfit, you don't have to go berserk ~ a few aptly placed stripes…

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  • Apr272010

    Spring Cleaning Tips: #4 (sweaters & bottoms)

    Men & sweaters: these should be a staple in your wardrobe and, like crayola, come in many colors and styles. …

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