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Pretty, Petite, Perfect Dress!

Pretty, Petite, Perfect Dress!
2013/07/15 Better Blueprint
petite, dresses, small frame, WHIT Two

WHIT Two, embroidered urchin dress, $188

Whitney Pozgay is slightly "vertically challenged" thus, has an appreciation for clothing that helps the more petite among us reach new heights! She collaborated with Anthropologie on a capsule collection, WHIT Two. Check it out here but my favorite piece is this embroidered urchin petite dress {$188}.

This white dress is the perfect length for day or date night; the backside zipper works to create a little booty; the swing top is forgiving; and the fitted skirt provides ideal balance with the top. As a pretty petite, choosing carefully can be taxing and sometimes expensive (and not always satisfying) but, this capsule collection is for you ~ and offers a few casual and dress options to increase your dress flexibility....