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  • Aug242020

    nice to meet you: black-owned jewelry brand

      Black-owned jewelry brand, Omi Woods Of Jamaican-Ashanti-Maroon heritage, Ashley Alexis McFarlane Omi means 'water' in the Yoruba language The word Jamaica…

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  • Aug162020

    nice to meet you: black-owned jewelry brand

    Black-owned jewelry brand, Mateo Jamaican-born Matthew Harris Launched the brand in 2009 - started with a men's collection before venturing…

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  • Apr292019

    cargo pants for all!

    Cargo pants are making a comeback and who doesn't love lots of pockets! These ones I just scooped from Shopbop…

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  • Apr252018

    Summer Denim

    Denim is a basic - and that's an understatement. Denim is an essential so when you think about summer, you've…

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  • Apr022018

    9 things I’m in love with for spring

    You know I'm not into #selfies or taking pics of myself but I can still share some fabulous pieces! Over…

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  • Jun012017

    TOP 2017 Fashion Trends: ruffles, BOWTIES, ruching, asymmetry

    We see these trends everywhere right now: ruffles, ruching, asymmetrical hemlines and bowties! And as much as I hate being…

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  • Mar012016

    Spring Must-Haves!

    My seven favorite spring items to check out.....   For the fellas, you have seven awesome pieces to consider!

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  • Jan282016

    Five Ways To Use A Scarf

    I love scarves but only recently have I gotten into silk scarves - much daintier, more daytime wearable, and more…

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  • Sep302015

    Work Pumps: Anything But Ordinary #ElevatedEssentials

    Work pumps don't have to be boring. In fact, work pumps should signal you mean business and, in spite of…

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  • Apr222015

    Spring Must Haves: Satchels

    This can be a tricky thing because the average "working girl" today uses one bag and that bag has to…

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  • Apr202015

    How Much Should I Spend on Clothes?

    Have you ever had a more loaded question?! But the answer is apparently pretty simple.... Accordingly to financial planner Peter…

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  • Apr082015

    Shopbop Sale & Spring Style

    The taste of spring got me started and now this Shopbop spring sale has the good times rollin''s 25% off…

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  • Feb062014

    One Wish for Valentine’s Day: Jumpsuit

    Ok it's a bit of a lie since I have several "wishes" for Valentine's Day but if I had just…

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  • Nov082013

    Perfect Date Night Shoe

    This shoe, available at Shopbop, is a Celine-inspired beaut! The colors make it as gorgeous with darks as with lighter…

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  • Dec102012

    A “Real” Runway, Role Model Mom?

    I'm not a mom. I have no children to speak of (other than my shoes and handbags). I do, however,…

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  • Apr062012

    Erin & (Shop)Bop

    Erin Crandall took a part time job at a boutique in Madison, Wisconsin called Bop.  By her senior year, she was a…

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  • Feb062012

    Shopbop Spring Looks

    I've always dug Shopbop and wanted to share some great looks they created that work....for moving from day to dinner,…

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  • Jan252012

    Drop Bigger Bucks For Bigger Versatility

    As trench coats go, this is right in the high middle at $570 but we know lots of great options…

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  • Mar172011

    Blended Look

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  • Jan062011

    Top Two Trends To Invest In: Double-Breasted Blazer

    At Blueprint for Style, we're less concerned about creating a style trend than being true to our own personal style…

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  • Nov182010

    Affordable Holiday Outfit Options

    I'm digging Shopbop right now...and here's why: they created several Holiday-ready outfit options whether you're uptown chic, chic professional, sensual…

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  • Oct292010

    Like It, Love It, or Lose It

    Hmmmm, I love the scarf, gloves and coat.....and not too keen the length of the skirt.  The picture concept is…

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  • Oct132010

    Fab Fall Look

    I love this look for a few reasons: fedoras present a more polished and upscale feel.....the fur coat is funky…

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  • Mar012010

    Winter White Style Tip

    I love winter white, but wearing the hue from head to toe can leave some looking like Ms. Marshmallow Fluff.  Stylists'…

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  • Feb262010

    ….And Haute to Boot!

    I am thinking this Lana Collar Thong Bootie by Dolce Vita is haute....and I'm not a bootie fan!  The different textures and…

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