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Drop Bigger Bucks For Bigger Versatility

Drop Bigger Bucks For Bigger Versatility
2012/01/25 Maya H.

{Cut 25 Convertible Trench Coat}

As trench coats go, this is right in the high middle at $570 but we know lots of great options can be found for less. However, what makes us give this one special consideration:

  • It's a three-in-one coat/vest/capelet
  • The wheat/tan color make it reliably neutral
  • The contrast between the capelet and the cotton jacket create more interest than your average trench
  • It has lots of little design details like flap hip pockets
  • Did we mention this becomes your go-to travel coat for spring with it's 3-in-1 versatility?
  • Cut 25 Convertible Trench available at Shopbop for $570 {or $190 per coat...}