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Erin & (Shop)Bop

Erin & (Shop)Bop
2012/04/06 Better Blueprint
Erin Crandall took a part time job at a boutique in Madison, Wisconsin called Bop.  By her senior year, she was a salaried employee, fearing she would miss graduation because she was in Paris on a buying trip. Bop morphed into its current namesake,, while she was there and once she left to travel as the site’s head buyer, she settled in New York.
Since then, she has gotten married, parted with Shopbop and opened her NYC clothing store and its recently launched e-commerce site, A Man and a Woman.  The shop, which offers both mens and women’s wear from labels like Alexander Wang, Chris Benz, and Patrick Ervell, feels comfortable and inspiring at the same time.  You immediately know you’ll find exactly the item you’re looking for, in an atmosphere that makes you long to hang out there all day.  Erin also did freelance work for Warby Parker....
These cold hard facts are great background because they all lead to the same conclusion ~ Erin has a close connection to fashion and, better yet, style. This is a great marker for choosing a person to follow.... when you peek at the store, you'll understand how the "right" pieces can turn a closet into a wardrobe!