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  • Mar092019

    five travel essentials

    I'll keep it simple because whether you're a travel OG or newbie, there are some items that you'll find incredibly…

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  • Jul172017

    Tiny Chic Travel Essentials [downloadable]

    DOWNLOADABLE GUIDE The list is endless and while I can think of more than 50 items to add to the…

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  • Aug052015
    scents, Elizabeth & James, black & white

    On The Road: Travel Beauty Essentials

    I'm recently coming off the road from a four-day girls #roadtrip to Connecticut and New York. Compliments of @BuickUSA, we…

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  • Apr142015

    Travel Too….Southeast Asia: Three Essentials

    I spent 1/2 month (18 days to be exact) in southeast Asia between Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Saigon. I loved…

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  • Dec152012

    Winner of Pinch Provisions’ Minimergency Kits

    We had two Pinch Provisions minimergency kits to giveaway - red and silver glitter - and we simply asked that…

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  • Nov072011

    Drinking & Vacationing In Style

    We don't want too much suspense....but we've got to create some! The winner of our Blue Claw Co garment bag giveaway…

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  • Nov072011

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    Today we announce the winner of the Blue Claw Co garment bag! This week we'll be doing Steps 2-5 of…

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  • Sep092010

    #4 – The Pinstripe Suit

    The number four essential suit for businessmen is....a pinstripe.

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  • Apr222010

    Femme Fatale Fashionable Packing

    Spring is finally here and everyone is preparing for the first round of weekend forays and getaways.  Here's your packing…

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