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Travel Too….Southeast Asia: Three Essentials

Travel Too….Southeast Asia: Three Essentials
2015/04/14 Better Blueprint

I spent 1/2 month (18 days to be exact) in southeast Asia between Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Saigon. I loved it and while not immediately, I'm going back because it's warm, super inexpensive, laidback, and has good eating!

I worked with Lands' End before leaving to coordinate on a few essentials for the trip and I had a fairly long list. I found three items that I would have been hard-pressed to be without while there:

I'm ashamed to say but.....I rocked my pants at least eight of the 18 days (including travel), I sported the slip-on shoes just about everyday (perfect for my scooter adventures as well as slipping out of for my daily Thai massages), and I shimmied with my swimsuit bottoms every other day since I got to hit a pool everyday while in Thailand.

There was some hotel laundry assistance and spot cleaning but my items endured. If you're thinking about traveling to a warm climate, consider these items to make your life easier. You can thank me when you get back!!

{three #travel essentials from lands' end}

As a matter of fact, you can scoop them at 30% off thru tomorrow (using code SHOEPLUS & pin 3080)!! You can also check out some cool pics here....


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