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Are You Ready For The 4th?!

Are You Ready For The 4th?!
2015/06/26 Better Blueprint
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{roksanda zeke bikini bottom}

I consider Memorial Day, the 4th, and Labor Day weekends the quintessential "holiday" weekends that warrant lots of pre-gaming to avoid looking too contrived. I've culled all three long weekends down to five items.

Here are my caveats:

  • Memorial Day weekend - it may not be warm enough so you'll need to substitute the breezy cover-up for a more, sweater-like option. Gotcha covered! PLus bring a rain hat
  • Labor Day weekend - I've rarely run into an occasion where it's not stil warm but f tends to be a little less of a lazy holiday so plan to add a daytime look.
  • 4th of July - it's about a BBQ or some water....always! If you can be honest with yourself, you don't need anything else.

FIVE items:

  1. Swimsuit - I carry a one-piece and 2 bikinis to cover all of the possible scenarios or water activities. The two bikinis allow me to mix-n-match. My one-piece used to be "regular" but now it's print which does OT when it comes to camouflaging problem areas or one that has some "sexy" feature like a plunging neckline or cutouts.
  2. Cover-Up - this is a modesty proposition.I love my legs so my cover-up will never cover-up my legs but I'm always focused on something that will translate to a restaurant (so I don't have to change but don't offend anyone!)
  3. Dinner Dress - again, it's always short and my go-to s usually a skater or shift dress. I believe it should besexy andfocused on showing off your newly acquired sun-kissed skin. The rule: skin or shape so here, it's skin!
  4. Sunnies - I secretly want to feel like a rock star who's escaping the paparazzi so I go big. My current pair are my old Chloe's.
  5. Sandals - this is arguably the most difficult part of your getaway bag because you can do it with one pair (YES - you can!) but who wants to? So a flat and a heel it is --- for me, it's these new Cyprus metallic sandals and a strappy heel so I don't have to worry about "matching". It's vacation - you've got other *ish to ponder!!

All of my pieces came from ~ where all their dsigner duds are on sale (deep discounts!)....

Fendi caged leather sandals