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  • Jun262015

    Are You Ready For The 4th?!

    I consider Memorial Day, the 4th, and Labor Day weekends the quintessential "holiday" weekends that warrant lots of pre-gaming to…

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  • Dec212012

    Fendi Is Offering Fresh Baguettes

    No, not fresh bagels but baguettes. Fendi's baguette hit the fashion world in 1997 and was instantaneously a hit. It…

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  • Apr012010

    Sailing into Spring in Style

    Sunglasses: they're all over the place in terms of where to buy them and how much you can pay for…

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  • Nov022009

    Just When You Thought White was Out-of-Season

    The meteoric rise of the Fendi peek-a-boo bag in every leather and color imaginable....reaches new heights!  Here is a white…

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