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Sailing into Spring in Style

Sailing into Spring in Style
2010/04/01 Maya H.
  • Sunglasses: they're all over the place in terms of where to buy them and how much you can pay for them.  Choose wisely or go Blueprint for Style's Wardrobe Essentials Accessories section to figure out exactly what's right for you!  Today some of my faves are on sale
  • Whatever you want for spring, use Virtual Shopping Service to get it!  Looking for the perfect summer dress or best dapper ties for your wedding, or maybe the perfect pants for your Sunday brunches?  Well, Virtual Shopping Service can locate just about anything for a nominal fee (and they even have a great refund policy)....but now through the end of April, what normally costs you $55 to locate an item is only $40!! [just complete the questionnaire, pay for the item, and a refund for the difference will be issued immediately]