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Guide to the Perf Sunnies Under $50

Guide to the Perf Sunnies Under $50
2016/05/11 Better Blueprint
In Accessories, Style

Not everyone can just grab a pair of Chloe sunglasses and be fabulous. First, they’re expensive and then oversized isn’t for everyone. Better than that though, it doesn’t take $350 to look good in sunglasses – just a few quick pointers to have you looking like a rock star! Here are 15 pairs of fab finds under $50...

Round FaceRiver Island Oversized Sunglasses

Look for more angular and geometric shaped frames to balance, define and elongate your softer facial features.

Oval Face

ASOS Oversized 70s Sunglasses

It’s your moment to shine because basically everything works for you so get jiggy with it!

Square Face

ASOS Round CP Sunglasses With Angular Frame

Rounder frames will balance your sharper facial structure

Heart Face

ASOS Flat Top Cat Eye Sunglasses

Focus on shapes like cat eye’s that give some width to your mid-cheek area and wah-lah!

Now that you know, you can find your perfect pair of sunglasses in no time and while all of these shades are available at ASOS, the sky's the limit!