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my march impulses & obsessions

my march impulses & obsessions
2020/03/31 Better Blueprint
In Style

March as a slow month mostly because everyone else was focused on COVID-19 which meant I had to give some airtime to it as well. A couple of concert cancellations, two major conferences put on hold indefinitely, not to mention March Madness or the NBA, right?!

That said, I did scoop a few things here and there that made sense!

My impulses....

  • I've become almost obsessive about sun protection so Supergoop! body glow oil and glowstick
  • Birkenstock eva sandal ~ because I am going to a beach soon!
  • Kosas lip oil gloss (in Dip & Fruitjuice) ~ not only is it clean beauty but it plumps and stains my lips....
  • Part of my #WFH outfit is this long sleeve french terry top
  • Not sure if it was all the stress but sleep was eluding me until I scooped a weighted blanket - my zzz's are ON now!!
  • I am having to find new ways to create ambiance given @socialdistancing so scooping candles by Otherland like this Chandelier one are almost a requirement...
  • Blame my sister but she's been on the plane even with COVID-19 and it just makes me want to go somewhere, anywhere.....and in order to do that, I finally purchased my carry-on roller - WOOHOO!!
  • I gotta think about forward to spring so this Mango puffed sleeve cropped sweatshirt works for videoconferencing and spring walks!!
  • Per my IG, I am in talks to brainstorm about something stylish for the travel set, so stay tuned!
  • Because of COVID-19, I'm working to clear out a lot of 'stuff' in my house and that's starting at the front door so when I saw this entryway hall tree, I snagged it!

My obsessions...

  • Ink+Volt planner - I know we're almost through the first quarter but I wanted to go in a different direction so got some tools to help...
  • It's a little too soon but I wanted to start thinking about when travel becomes a regular thing again - I want to go back to Chiang Mai in Thailand
  • I love to read...and lockdown is a great time to catch up. This book, You Are a Badass, isn't rock science but I captured some fabulous nuggets like "Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past" and love yourself (like 500 times throughout the book!)
  • I'm obsessing over sweatshirts so when I found this puff sleeve sweatshirt and had to have it...(really want a navy one and a more colorful option)
  • My mind is on travel and faraway locations...and beaches! This light-as-air weekender bag is on my lust list y'all....
  • There's just too much to mention at Nordstrom's Spring Sale