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  • Mar312020

    my march impulses & obsessions

    March as a slow month mostly because everyone else was focused on COVID-19 which meant I had to give some…

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  • Jun062014

    A New Summer “Weekend” Bag

    It's more tote than handbag but perfect for summer nonetheless. The Sufia bag found at ASOS says summer (it's white) and…

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  • Sep252013

    Midweek Want: Gap Leopard Print Tote

    I imagine toting this calf hair tote (Gap, $198) on my next plane ride ~ filled with my Dell XPS16,…

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  • Jan112010

    A Way to Get Over the Winter Blues

    One of the best ways to move forward into 2-K-10 is by going in vintage goods!  Portero is the…

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