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beauty bombshell: correct order to apply skincare products

beauty bombshell: correct order to apply skincare products
2020/08/18 Better Blueprint

Boom  💥  💥  💥  💥  💥  💥!

It's real y'all! There IS a correct order to apply your skincare products to make sure they're working....and given how much we spend on our products, we need to get it right!

Celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau says products should be applied according to the size of the molecules they contain - so generally thinnest formula stuff first to the thickest!

What gets us (read: ME) confused is that every skincare brand has its own philosophy so they recommend different stuff at different times using different routines. Renee says, "Anything with a small molecule, such as a water-based toner or serum, has the capability of passing the membranes to get into the skin the farthest. Large molecule products, such as a pure treatment oil, won't do that as effectively, but do serve the purpose of acting as a sealant or proper protection to defend the skin from external stressors....."

So her thought is the following:

  • Cleanser
  • Essence
  • Serums
  • Moisturizers + SPF (newsflash: Renee mentions that your moisturizer could coat your skin and prevent the sunscreen from working as effectively so it's best to get a formula the covers both bases!) Product recommendations include Josh Rosebrook, Supergoop!, and Kiehl's.
  • Face Oils (newsflash: Renee says face oils may dissolve your sunscreen so best not to use them during the daytime!)

Go about your day - and be beautiful!!