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SPF Protection

SPF Protection
2013/05/30 Better Blueprint

Summer can be fun if you're protecting your assets like your face correctly. SPF protection is essential whether you're a man or woman, into high-fashion or country chic, whether you're a beach bum or just like to keep it cool in the shade, and no matter how much melanin you have (or don't)!

  • Guys you'll love the sun stick with SPF 35
  • Those who love their current moisturizer will love Dermalogica's booster option
  • For the active set, Neutrogena will be your best friend
  • If you believe in sun worship, make sure you scoop the Shiseido eye cream
  • We've done the research for you and provided the top lotions, etc that have SPF protection so you can spend your limited summer days enjoying what's really important ~ food, friends, and fun!