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Beach Vacation Essentials

Beach Vacation Essentials
2016/05/04 Better Blueprint


As you read this, I am either on a plane sipping a glass of wine (I don't care that it's only 11am!) or at the pool taking in some rays.

It's #GNO in Mexico so I'll talk to everyone next week. But I'm not completely selfish and want to provide some key pieces to make your beach vacation fashionable, fun and carefree.

It doesn't take a lot of money or a big suitcase - just a few pieces so you can get some sun and relax a little.....

The few rules I have when it comes to beach/sun/sand vacays:

  1. All beauty products must have SPF (including lip gloss)
  2. Floppy hat and sunglasses are part of everyday attire
  3. My sunnies should be small and under $25 (just in case I leave them lying around)
  4. My shorts should have a 5-inch inseam as it's the perfect length to provide some coverage but not look like mom-shorts + I size up because it's not the time to be tugging and pulling unnecessarily
  5. I make sure to carry cute PVC bags for my tech and anything I don't want sand in.....
  6. Keep a cover-up that can go from pool to restaurant!

The best items.....