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  • Jun152018

    summer shorts perfection!

    Shorts can be the bane of a grown woman's summer wardrobe ~ they are oftentimes the elusive white elephant...if you…

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  • May042016

    Beach Vacation Essentials

    As you read this, I am either on a plane sipping a glass of wine (I don't care that it's…

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  • Aug062012

    The Shorts Story

    It's never to late to understand the nuance of shorts lengths. I found this cool pic of various shorts sizes…

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  • Jun222012

    $231 Summer Outfit

    Shopping List: Polo Ralph Lauren washed cotton-twill cargo shorts ($22.50) ♦ Polo Ralph Lauren custom-fit oxford shirt ($30) ♦ Dolce & Gabbana…

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  • May092011

    Sizzling Summer Style Q&A: Shorts for Men!

    Question from KC: As a mature male (mid 40s), it’s that time of year when I want to look stylish,…

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  • Mar212011

    6 Things We Wanted to Share From Last Week

    1. Shopping tip: Always Check eBay! If the store I'm looking in doesn't have what I'm looking for or I'm…

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  • May132010

    How to Wear Shorts

    If you asked 10 women over the age of 30 whether or not they wore shorts, at least 7/10 would…

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