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Sizzling Summer Style Q&A: Shorts for Men!

Sizzling Summer Style Q&A: Shorts for Men!
2011/05/09 Maya H.

Question from KC: As a mature male (mid 40s), it’s that time of year when I want to look stylish, break out my shorts and linen but not too young in doing so. What fashion tips can you provide?

Answer: KC had an excellent question for us!  Shorts can become quite tricky for men, especially upon maturing, but with a few fashion do’s and dont’s, you’ll be ready to whip out your favorite pair(s) to look put together while staying cool and comfy.  As a universal tip, remember that shorts are supposed to fit for your body type and proportion in that they shouldn’t be too long nor too short. Let’s get down to DO’s and DONT’S!


  • Invest in a nice pair of flat front khaki shorts; if you’re not a fan of khaki, look for an olive, gray or navy.  This type of short looks great with short sleeve button-downs, tee shirts and polos, and even lightweight cardigans and blazers.  Whether the length is mid-thigh or at the knee, it’s very versatile, put together, and comfy.
  • Linen shorts are an excellent option for day, a night out on the town, or if you have a special event to attend to especially when it’s too hotand sticky outside!  The pair can be perfectly coupled with leather sandals or espadrilles and a nice long or short sleeve button-down.
  • Do experiment with a lightweight pair of cargo shorts.  Focus on the size of pockets!  As you get older, the pockets should become smaller (who needs to carry tons of stuff anyway).  This is a great style to wear on very casual days.
  • Experiment with plaid and other interesting patterns, but be careful! All-over plaid can cross a line of looking too young (or just Scottish).  To avoid a faux pas, look for shorts with a patterned trim detail, as seen by D&G below - perfect for the country-club individual.


  • Do not wear pleated shorts! This type is much too old - even old fashioned - and should stay on the racks (hoping they aren’t even seen on shopping racks!)
  • Stay away from denim shorts as they can appear too casual and not very sophisticated for a mature professional
  • Although ‘short-shorts’ were seen on the runways for spring/summer 2011, they aren’t geared towards the average middle-aged working man, as the style can be a bit too trendy and young
  • No socks when wearing shorts as they can create a shorter stature by cutting off your legs even more than the shorts are already doing!  Unless you are wearing a pair of shoes that requires socks, just remember to keep them lightweight and ankle length

D&G via My Many Bags