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problem: my weight is up & down – what do I buy?

problem: my weight is up & down – what do I buy?
2020/08/19 Better Blueprint

Problem: For whatever reason, my weight fluctuates, so what can I buy regardless of my weight?

Solution: Choose wisely + make stretchy materials your bestie!

The full solution is a touch more difficult because it depends where the weight fluctuation is and how much it is.

If we're talking more than 2 sizes then even stretchy materials cannot be your solution. But if we're talking 5 or 10 lbs then this post has you covered.

Before I share your solution set, let's also talk about where your weight fluctuation is. If it is in the mid-section then you're good. If you are finding general body changes are due to illness or stress, this list will help. There are a few other scenarios this list will cover.

Solution Set

Just a few options for those of us who haven't quite settled where we want to be!

BONUS: shoes + purses + scarves do not discriminate based on weight! And Universal Standard also covers a wide variety of sizes at reasonable prices but with fashionable style!!