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  • Jun122017

    4 Must-Haves Under $50 for Summer

    Every summer you'll get this list and plus-or-minus it doesn't change less a quick switch with something that is more…

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  • May112016
    sunglasses, sunnies

    Guide to the Perf Sunnies Under $50

    Not everyone can just grab a pair of Chloe sunglasses and be fabulous. First, they’re expensive and then oversized isn’t…

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  • Sep242014
    Chloe, Carlina

    An Eyeful of Chloe

    I am lusting after these sunglasses by Chloe, the Carlina. I have a few pairs of Chloe sunnies and they…

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  • Sep132013

    Pay Yourself to Shop

    Sounds weird right? But it's true ~ since you're shopping, why not get a little back for what you spend?!…

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  • Jul132012

    Pumped About This Pump

    I get lots of emails and when I saw two other blogs featuring this shoe, I had to get in…

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  • May282011

    6 Things We Want to Share This Week!

    So long, Oprah Winfrey! A historic day in television as Oprah aired her last show ever. Glamour shares with us their…

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  • May262011

    Shady Guide to Sunglasses

    Which are the right ones for your shape? What works best for everyday? How do I look like the stars…

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  • Mar212011

    (Small) Sunglasses Obsession

    SUPER founders Daniel and Simon Beckerman have created hauteness...and apparently everyone knows about it including Kanye West and Sienna Miller! …

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  • Apr022010

    Give ‘Em Shade…

    Sunglasses. Designer Shades. $99.99 or less.  Off Saks 5th. Now thru April 6th.

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  • Apr012010

    Sailing into Spring in Style

    Sunglasses: they're all over the place in terms of where to buy them and how much you can pay for…

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  • Mar292010

    Spring has Sprung!

    Look what's coming to Blueprint for Style in APRIL: Sequins during the day .... unheard of! Too Many Mags to…

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  • Dec022009

    Giving Shade to the other Sunglasses

    Blueprint for Style believes style dollars should not be blown on items that can either by sat on and destroyed,…

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  • Jul012009

    Sunglasses: The Ultimate In Giving People “Shade”

    So sunglasses are the ultimate “I’m cool” accessory – they can say so much like “I’m cool and definitely know…

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