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Sunglasses: The Ultimate In Giving People “Shade”

Sunglasses: The Ultimate In Giving People “Shade”
2009/07/01 Maya H.

So sunglasses are the ultimate “I’m cool” accessory – they can say so much like “I’m cool and definitely know it”, “Not sure what the big deal is but I only wear them so I don’t squint”, “I don’t want to be seen”….and the list goes on.  Whatever they say, you determine it by their shape, size, shading/gradient, material, and embellishments.

Shape: round, oval, cateye, square, etc.  This is the most important feature to consider along with size.  The right shape can make even the most unattractive of sunglasses palatable!  So, head to a mirror and figure if your face is round, square, oval or heart-shaped (there may be people who say there are other shapes but, let’s just try to focus on broad strokes, ok?).  Golden rule: whatever shape your face is DON’T get the same shape sunglasses.  Your objective should be to offset your natural shape.  Oblong-shaped should want slightly wider and shorter so round and square shapes are your friends.  Round-shaped should want to lengthen so square and rectangular shapes are your best buds!  You get the picture……

Size: this is super easy but, for some reason, the hardest for people to get.  Two options: either they fit or don’t, right?  Grab a pair of shades and put them on- what’s going on with the bridge width (where your nose meets the sunglasses)?  If they’re up to high, they’re too small and, if they meet and do not allow for regular breathing because they’re closing your nostrils, they’re too big!  The other measurements folks will mention are the temple length and eye size—ignore them because this is all preference!  As long as the shades sit properly on your nose, you’re set!

Material: basically, you’ve got tortoise shell, metal, and plastic.  How much do you want to spend?  Are you buying them for fall/winter or spring/summer?  While most of it is preference, let me share some key tips: ideally, lighter materials or colors work well in spring/summer; if your objective is to appear “open and light” then opt for lighter material and natural tones; if your objective is to be “mysterious and brooding (ha, ha) then black/darker and heavier materials is your poison.  Whatever you choose, it’s key to consider your personality.  I am the jovial-yet-not-overly-friendly-unless-I-to-be type so almost all of my shades are made of a colored plastic (Costume National usually- that doesn’t make them cheap so get over it) frame in rust/natural golden tone/brown and have some shading but are see-through.  Which brings us to the next category…..

Shading/gradient: so either show yourself or not.  I think people choose to get that privacy-tint stuff to create an air of mystery—but I think you succeed in just having to lift your shades continuously to see everything!  You can create mystery through less inconvenient methods….Stars love the super dark shading but, for everyday and general functionality and longevity, partial shading is the best option.  Done!!

Embellishments:  again this is like “icing on pound cake” (great but definitely not necessary to enjoy its deliciousness).  As I advice my clients that ‘less is more’ and timeless and classic is best done through simplicity, the same applies to something as ‘everyday’ as sunglasses.  The least amount of advertising you can do and embellishments you can add (there’s only so much surface area), the better.  But note that this is a preference-thing….but my best clients listen to me so they’re catching eyes by showing their eyes (not by the craziness on their shades).

Whatever you decide, decide against the ‘narc sunglasses’ that all of law enforcement wears because they think it’s cool….it’s NOT and the mere fact that they wear them with such reckless abandon is hint enough that they are NOT what’s hot!.