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Can You Top That…Are Hats the New Fashion Accessory?

Can You Top That…Are Hats the New Fashion Accessory?
2009/07/01 Maya H.

We all know about the baseball cap --- which has gotten more airtime and video play than is appropriate.  They are used to cover up bad hair days and receding hairlines, to complete outfits and ensure perfect matching, and to denote where you’re from or with whom you are affiliated.

For just one summer, can we place the baseballs caps in the back of closet in favor of a fedora, trilby, or newsboy?

Jaxon Panama

 This linen newsboy cap is casual yet stylish, and they exist for men and women.  Functional, stylish and outside-the-bell-curve

 Newsboy Linen Cap

 The trilby is similar to the fedora just with a slightly shorter brim.  It’s easier to wear than a fedora and, if celebrities (male and female alike) are any indication, then check these out.


Justin Timberlake

Reese Witherspoon in Tribly

Style Snapshot: Everyone is expecting you to wear a baseball cap so, why not sport a sophisticated hat, keep them guessing…and a little envious that they didn’t do it first!.