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black-owned headwear: monrowe nyc

black-owned headwear: monrowe nyc
2020/09/17 Better Blueprint

I cried when I saw The James - and clicked to find it was gone! Monrowe NYC is a black-owned headwear company that makes The James and when I happened upon it in midnight blue I knew I had to have it....but no haps because it was 'out of stock'.

I kept searching the site and found a great runner-up in the Johnny - and this one comes in winter white, so just-in-time for fall to rock with all of my sweaters and cozy gear!!

And while it may seem like a footnote, Fruition Hat Co. is yet another black-owned headwear company topping off the game! The Wayne County wide brim is doing it.....but it's the literal feather-in-the-cap and the grosgrain ribbon that make this a statement-maker.

I'm jumping around doing my happy-dance....