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co-LAB Style Conspiracy

co-LAB Style Conspiracy
2015/08/31 Better Blueprint

{seven pieces for ANY working woman to start fall with...}

So Kayla, of Freckles in April, and I slaved over this collection ~ we surveyed people (namely us!), we combed the style blogs and magazines, we went back and forth with each other - to curate this seven piece collection of fall items that ANY working woman could use as a base to get through the season. The items included:

  1. Print/patterned skirt
  2. Jersey throw-n-go dress
  3. Dark denim bottom
  4. Cream/white sneakers
  5. Versatile layering sweater
  6. Bad-hair-day hat (similar one)
  7. Fabulous button down

Kayla is a left coast work-from-home mom who blogs about ways to make life easier (ummm we all need that!) and she took this list and created a collection of items for the busy, stay-at-home mom too! Check out how this list looks from her perspective - ahhhmazing!

As part of our style conspiracy/collaboration, I thought about the working woman and entrepreneur and came up with four scenarios- and I used the collection to create a look!


{lunch + business meeting}


{work from home + Periscope}


{blog writing + evening drinks}