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a fashion collab i can get excited about!

a fashion collab i can get excited about!
2017/10/17 Better Blueprint

tracee ellis ross jcpenney collectionI am truly excited about this collaboration ~ besides being a HUGE Tracee Ellis Ross fan, everything about this collection says "I'm going to snag a few fab pieces!".

"The main thing that I wanted to put in this collection was a tux, but I didn't know if it was possible at a low price point, because I didn't want anything over $100" Ellis Ross explained. Apparently, she discovered that the addition of pockets (and not lining) would hike up the price. "So no pockets!" she said.

Apparel runs from $29 to $74 and accessories from $19 to $24 - - - BOOM!

In her interview, she said she really wanted the collection to appeal to every woman and every body. "I really believe women are beautiful in all shape, sizes, colors and ages — all of it. Beauty is about the individual. Beauty is about choice. Beauty is about personal desire and what that means to you as an individual. So I really wanted this collection to be joyful and armor-ful, you know? To empower women to feel good in their skin and to feel joyful in their clothes."

Her holiday capsule collection hits JCPenney launches November 12th in certain stores an online at