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  • Apr042014

    Francesco Russo: A Fetishist to the Sole

    Sergio Rossi. Costume National. Miu Miu. Yves Saint Laurent. Self-proclaimed “shoe fetishist”, Francesco Russo creates truly sexy footwear. Are you…

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  • May162012

    Men’s Sandals

    Or Mandals ~ you need a pair for summer {not Tevas, or flip flops}. But you knew that too, right?…

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  • Dec022009

    Giving Shade to the other Sunglasses

    Blueprint for Style believes style dollars should not be blown on items that can either by sat on and destroyed,…

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  • Oct052009

    HELP! Must…show….restraint….

    Ok I've been searching high-and-low for the perfect grey handbag for fall (and going forward) and I have been unable…

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  • Jul012009

    Sunglasses: The Ultimate In Giving People “Shade”

    So sunglasses are the ultimate “I’m cool” accessory – they can say so much like “I’m cool and definitely know…

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