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Light It Up!

Light It Up!
2009/07/01 Maya H.

For guys, there’s some connection with cigars.  I’m a woman so, I don’t know what it is but I need the fellas to clear it up.  Cigars are “cool” therefore, if you smoke a cigar, you must be “cool” too.

Well does it matter if it’s a churchill, or corona gorda, double corona, figurado, lonsdale, or robusto?  Then let’s not forget…..location, location, location!  Where did that stogie come from?  There’s Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaraugua, the US (hahaha), and of course, Cuba!

There are big differences supposedly but, in the end, I think it simply comes down to the 100-point scale and where that cigar lands!  On that scale, the Cuban and Nicaraguan cigars seem to rule the roost.

Either way, whether you’re smoking one in a Ermenegildo Zegna suit or a polo outfit fresh off the field, you’re assured of your standing in the upper echelons of style as long as you’ve got a Padron 1964 Anniversary Series “A” (Nicaraguan) rated a 95 or Partagas Salomon (Cuba) rated at 93 ( hanging off your mouth.

Just look at how well Jay Z does it…..!

 Light It Up Jay-Z

 Style Snapshot: Accessories (including cigars) can make or break your cool factor!