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  • Sep012014

    Men in Blue

    I'm in love with this picture ~ and just know that you'll see it again because it's the epitome of…

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  • Jun232014
    shirt fit, men's style

    MANly Monday: Make A List, Check It Twice

    Yes, this one is mundane but so essential. The rules for men don't change nearly as often as those for…

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  • Jun032013
    boys weekend, beach packing, travel

    Boys Beach Weekend

    Pack this..... Do we really need to say more...? We have you covered for the beach (duh!), the club, an…

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  • Dec042012

    Men’s #Travel Carry-on

    Whether you're going from The Terrace Bar at the Park Hyatt in Instanbul or Virgin Atlantic's First-class lounge in London…

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  • Apr092012

    The Way a Man Dresses

    I was in deep thought this weekend when I came up with this thought ~ it's the way a man…

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  • Feb272012

    Men’s Fashion Is Women’s Style

    Sounds a bit weird, right? But the premise is easy: most men dress for the opposite sex. Ok, there are…

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  • Feb102012

    Do You Know Andre Benjamin?

    We do - kinda. He's not only one of the new faces for Gillette, but he recently shared his 10…

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  • Nov302011

    Celebrity Style: Tyrese

    Tyrese is quite fashionable stylish, and this picture shows us his dapper side. What I quietly admire about his style is…

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  • Nov052011

    6 Things We Want To Share This Week

    The Navajo tribe owns a variety of trademarks on the term "Navajo," including one covering clothing. Last month Urban Outfitters got in…

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  • Oct212011

    “..Hush Your Mouth!”

    Richard Roundtree was a swashbuckler with built-in sexiness and smoothness; and today he represents a 70's style icon! His signature…

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  • Jul222011

    Five Libido Killers!

    Salt – high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction according to a recent study from Tulane University Soy – the…

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  • Jul192011

    Sex & Style

    When was the last time you spotted a gentlemen sans swagger, sex appeal, or confidence and thought, "He's hot!"?  Keep…

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  • Apr222011

    5 Men’s Must Haves….Not That We Agree

    Fashionising spoke with Nick Wooster, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman's fashion director and here's what he had to say about…

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  • Feb252011

    It’s Finally Friday’s Quirky Yet Fashionable Questionnaire

    This week's everyday dapper don hails from the Midwest and as you read about him, you'll see he's a poster…

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  • Nov262010

    It’s Finally Friday’s Fashionable Yet Quirky Q&A

    Read about this week's everyday dapper don who is a Pacific Northwestern to the core.  He keeps it simple and to-the-point,…

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  • May192010

    A Question of Style

    The jury is being formed.....and the judge has been selected....the question is now being asked, what is the biggest 'dapper…

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  • Jul072009

    GQ’s Guide To Buying A Suit

    I took some time to review this and, less some of the inane commentary, the article is directionally correct.  Blueprint…

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  • Jul022009

    What Style Know-How Did MJ Leave Us?

    Here are lessons I took away from the King of Pop…..

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  • Jul012009

    Light It Up!

    For guys, there’s some connection with cigars.  I’m a woman so, I don’t know what it is but I need…

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  • Jul012009

    Client Testimonial: Niles F.

    Monica was dead-on with her recommendations!  I had a formal party I was going to last summer in the Hamptons…

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