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What Style Know-How Did MJ Leave Us?

What Style Know-How Did MJ Leave Us?
2009/07/02 Blueprint

Here are lessons I took away from the King of Pop…..

Off The Wall Album Cover

  1. Attitude Counts…Michael possessed a certain “untouchable” quality while being very down-to-earth.  Sometimes swagger counts more than anything you have on!
  2. Not all fashion trends become style- the outfits Michael and the Jackson 5 rocked were all-the-rage in the 80s but, let’s agree that some stuff need never be resurrected!
  3. Smile— part of his envious charm was in the pearly whites he showed every time he spoke, or danced.  It’s a great accessory and doesn’t cost a cent!
  4. The Company you Keep can Elevate your Status – think of Diana Ross, Paul McCartney and Elizabeth Taylor…style icons in their own right for sure so, I’m sure some of it rubbed off on Michael!
  5. Leather is cool– whether it was his red leather jacket from Thriller or the zipper-laden black jacket from Bad, a little leather will take you a long way!
  6. Hats – “Smooth Criminal”….that fedora was bad; need I say more?!
  7. Stay Young at Heart – while his practices may have been questionable, there is no doubt about his youthful spirit.  And what he had on the inside, showed through on the outside!
  8. A White Tee and Black Pants always Work – in a pinch, you can’t go wrong with the basics!