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6 Things We Want To Share This Week

6 Things We Want To Share This Week
2011/11/05 Better Blueprint

  1. The Navajo tribe owns a variety of trademarks on the term "Navajo," including one covering clothing. Last month Urban Outfitters got in a bit of trouble creating 21 products with the term "Navajo" in them....everything has since been renamed. However, Forever 21, is trying to push the limit as they have items similarly named with the word "Navajo" but haven't changed any. Sounds like they're talking a walk on the wrong side of intellectual property law!
  2. (see picture below) Sometimes it's easier for guys (and girls too) to see style to be inspired. As a stylist, I can talk about it, but until I create a look, you'll never know its full potential. Michael Kenneth Williams shows up a bit of old world, Eastern style appeal.
  3. If you travel and stay in hotel rooms a lot, you're going to love the Air-O-Swiss Travel Ultrsonic Humdifier ($43). This contraption allows you to use a simple 17-ounce bottle of water to humidify an entire room -- this turns the ideal of dried out skin on its head!
  4. We've discovered the perfect fall/winter boot -- it's slightly outdoorsy, chic, substantial, feminine, edgy, versatile, and comes in cognac or black. Timberland, we thank you for the Marge Wood Tall Boot (go ahead and click...just get a quick peek).
  5. One of the hottest style trends is vegan-friendly/pleather/non-leather items. Matt & Nat have been doing it for awhile. but we just thought you should know. We love our leather, what about you?
  6. (see picture above) My ultimate winter coat would combine color, leather, fur, and some type of womanly curve or peplum. I've pieced it together above -- let your imagination run wild!