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Get Some Petroleum Jelly!

Get Some Petroleum Jelly!
2011/11/04 Better Blueprint

I love Glamour for the DIY on ways to use petroleum are 10 great uses for it:

  1. gloss eyes .... small amount on lids to add shine
  2. boost lashes .... dab on lashes at night to keep them supple
  3. moisturize lips .... whenever possible
  4. protect & condition skin .... prevent staining while coloring
  5. soften heels .... coat at night and cover with cotton socks
  6. chisel cheeks .... pat on your cheekbones
  7. nourish nails .... massage around cuticles
  8. undo foul foundation .... tap on skin to break it up
  9. soothe chapping .... dab around the nose
  10. make lip gloss .... mix with Kool-Aid for yumminess