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  • Apr152016

    Doing Casual Better…

    I've lived all over the world albeit mostly in the United States once I was "of age" but even in…

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  • Jan272012

    Weekend Style To-Do

    It's easy ~ just figure out your seasonal accent color or color palette (it will make wardrobe coordination soooo much…

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  • Nov052011

    6 Things We Want To Share This Week

    The Navajo tribe owns a variety of trademarks on the term "Navajo," including one covering clothing. Last month Urban Outfitters got in…

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  • Feb162010

    Adding Inspiration to Uninspired Style

    Last week, I wrote an article on the fashion and style trends for spring/summer 2010 and the week prior to…

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  • Feb012010

    February – What’s Ahead?

    Blueprint for Style is continuing its mission to make as many people as possible more fashion-aware and style-savvy! The month of…

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  • Jan042010

    January – What’s Ahead

    Yep, 2K10....or Twenty Ten....or 2010 is here!  Blueprint for Style is ready and has a mission to make as many…

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  • Jul222009

    “IF” I Had $2,000, Here’s What I’d Get!

    Similar to our recent article on Madison’s shopping manifesto, Tucker (our fictitious but charming Fashionelle) wants to turn his everyday…

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  • Jul182009

    “IF” I Had $2,000, What Would I Get?

    That question can be answered an infinite number of ways but, for our purposes, we’re going to take debt elimination…

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  • Jun282009

    Top 10 (or so) Style Tricks of the Trade

    These should be no-brainer tricks of the trade you should live by, male or female (PRINT and SAVE): Undergarments are…

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