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“IF” I Had $2,000, What Would I Get?

“IF” I Had $2,000, What Would I Get?
2009/07/18 Maya H.

That question can be answered an infinite number of ways but, for our purposes, we’re going to take debt elimination and empire building off the table….and focus on what Blueprint knows, STYLE!

For the sake of argument, we’ll assume Madison (our fictitious but savvy Fashionista) has a closet with most of the building blocks and wardrobe fundamentals but, her conundrum is how to spend her cash (or plastic) on a few key transition items that will alow her to use her business attire and power suits as the basis for a more hip.  Madison will benefit most from items that are mainstream but with some edge; can be worn with her suits to add flavor; provide extra panache to the ordinary; and allow her to take basics and create slightly more color and depth.

7-18-2009 11-02-13 AM

Disadvantages of the collection of pieces:

  • Doesn't add a ton of color
  • Mostly solids so will need to add prints
  • Focused on work attire as base

Advantages of these additional pieces:

  • Uses current business attire as base
  • Neutrals ensure multiple uses
  • All tops can be used at work and after-hours
  • Materials travel/pack well

Madison is well on her way to moving from Power to Polished Edge with just a few clicks of her well-heeled soles!!.