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Men in Blue

Men in Blue
2014/09/01 Better Blueprint
{photo from Tommy Ton}

{photo from Tommy Ton}

I'm in love with this picture ~ and just know that you'll see it again because it's the epitome of relaxed style that isn't overly stuffy or too young. Just awesome! A few key takeaways from the photo:

  1. Note where the blazer shoulder ends...
  2. In all three examples, we're talking two-button suits
  3. In all three examples, the top button is buttoned and the bottom is not
  4. Note where the blazer sleeve ends...
  5. The two gentlemen with no tie have created an amped up casual look by opting for a patterned shirt
  6. The two gentlemen sporting pocket squares have used the presidential pocket square fold
  7. Sunglasses are a required accessory(but not oversized)

My picks for terrific blue suits are (1) DKNY, (2) J.Hilburn, and (3) Z Zegna.