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MANly Monday: Make A List, Check It Twice

MANly Monday: Make A List, Check It Twice
2014/06/23 Better Blueprint

shirt fit, men's styleYes, this one is mundane but so essential. The rules for men don't change nearly as often as those for women and, more importantly, you're preferences change even less frequently!

Write down your style rules and live by them. If you don't have any (or so you think), let me suggest a few....

  1. Know your shirt size (that's neck and arm length)
  2. Find a tailor and stick with 'em!
  3. Make note of the brands that always garner compliments when you wear them
  4. Care about the way you look
  5. Remember that clothing fit matters more than the designer....sometimes
  6. Practice makes permanent so practice "your" look
  7. Wherever your budget is, buy the best you can afford (without going bust)

Seriously....just know these rules and you'll be in business I swear!