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The Way a Man Dresses

The Way a Man Dresses
2012/04/09 Better Blueprint

I was in deep thought this weekend when I came up with this thought ~ it's the way a man dresses in his down time that truly shows you who he is and what he's about. During the day, it's all about the "uniform" ~ whether that's a Brooks Brothers suit in a law office, a Fedex polo for deliveries or, an American Airlines uniform if you're a pilot. So what differentiates the dapper don for the everyday joe is how he uses his clothes to tell you a story.

Italian men are notoriously stylish; and a bit colorful with their appearance. The Brits are the banker-types and rarely deviate from the navy or grey tailored look. American men.....well, they are more of a hodge podge of stuff with their notoriety coming from a more casual, relaxed look.  The takeaway is this ~ do you, be you but you gotta know you in order to be good at it.

Are there pieces of you in these photos? What are you missing? Is your style going in a completely different direction? In your downtime, what will we find you wearing? Just a little food for thought....