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  • Feb202018

    j.crew is hemorrhaging

    They've been attempting a financial and sartorial turnaround across the last year or two ~ they let go of the…

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  • Jun122017

    4 Must-Haves Under $50 for Summer

    Every summer you'll get this list and plus-or-minus it doesn't change less a quick switch with something that is more…

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  • Dec142016

    A YSL-esque Blazer

    Let me repeat for the record: J.Crew has fallen off a little bit BUT they still have some great pieces…

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  • Dec102016

    Dress Like A Good Houseguest

    During my trip to Hawaii, I packed my J.Crew nightshirt and decided it was one of the most perfect pieces....and…

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  • Dec072016
    j.crew t-shirt

    Curating a T-shirt Collection

    I just did a massive dump of most of my tees because I realized they weren't what I really wanted.…

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  • Dec072016
    jcrew chandelier earrings

    Holiday Party Attire: Dramatic Earrings

    They frame the face so they're essential: statement-making earrings like these antique chandelier earrings is key to setting off a…

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  • Dec092015

    To Be A True Fashion Icon, You Need….

    A peacoat! She is a queen of cool.... Emmanuelle Alt - the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris since February 2011, succeeding…

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  • Oct052015
    fall flats, perfect flats for fall

    A Fabulous Fall Flats Closet

    Are you looking for some fab flats for fall? Here are 11 pairs of fall flats sure to add flavor…

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  • Jun262015

    Are You Ready For The 4th?!

    I consider Memorial Day, the 4th, and Labor Day weekends the quintessential "holiday" weekends that warrant lots of pre-gaming to…

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  • Apr032015

    Sale: Madewell

    It's the baby sister to J.crew but FIRE! Madewell is making awesome stuff that lasts, is contemporary and relevant, has…

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  • Feb102015
    closed brands, Kate Spade Saturday, C. Wonder, Piperlime

    They’re Going The Way of The Samurai

    Piperlime. C. Wonder. Kate Spade Saturday.These are just a few of the popular clothing and accessory brands that are shuttering…

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  • Feb062015

    The History of High Heels

    The fables are long and some even funny but, here's the truth about high heels and how they came about.…

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  • Jan132015

    T-Shirt Trauma

    There are tons of things I could be talking about or you could be thinking of when you read the…

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  • Nov142014

    Quintessential White Shirt

    What's one of the items that you'd miss immediately if it were gone?? [Hint: look at the title of this…

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  • Sep302014
    j.crew, surf skirt, a-line

    Luxe & Less

    I rarely (if ever) show luxe & less but this one just popped out and I had to share! Perhaps…

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  • Jun162014

    Quinessential White Tee

    It's basic, necessary, irreplaceable, versatile, and comes in all shapes and sizes. It's likely one of the first items you…

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  • May212014
    Jcrew, fedora

    Essential Vacation Piece: Hat

    There are lots of options but I'm partial to the fedora. This one by J.Crew comes in white, natural and…

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  • Mar192014

    Outfit: Dinner with the Girls

    Dinner with girls can be anything from casual to fancy but, in this case, I got to spend the better…

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  • Aug282013

    Thanks Mizhattan for Leopard Print Shoes

    While I love leopard print, this post is 100% inspired by a fellow style blogger, Mizhattan because it just made…

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  • Feb072013

    I Absolutely Will Not Buy This

    It's ridiculous. It's overpriced. It's not "all that". It's so ordinary. But..... It's the perfect color, style/shape, and fit. This…

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  • Dec142012

    Midday Weekend Want

    It's winter. It's cold outside. I wanna stay inside. I want to lounge comfortably. I want to be prepared for…

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  • Oct152012

    J.Crew Cashmere Shop

    It's J.Crew. So it's a brand you know. It's Loro Piana cashmere. So you know it's quality. I like J.Crew…

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  • Aug202012

    Old Timer

    What watch(es) do you own? Are they new or old? Ornate or simple? Any movements? You can still be 'king…

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  • Aug102012

    J.Crew Fall Lookbook

    We've be sharing some of the trends for Fall 2012 and today we're looking at J.Crew's Fall 2012 Lookbook. Why…

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  • Aug022012

    An Orange Outfit

    This is a fun look for a weekend in Miami, a day of vintage shopping, an afternoon stroll with brunch…

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