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The History of High Heels

The History of High Heels
2015/02/06 Better Blueprint

{Louis XIV and his heels} this where Christian Louboutin got the idea for 'red bottoms' ?!

The fables are long and some even funny but, here's the truth about high heels and how they came about. Ladies - high heels were actually made for men, worn by men, and had to be wrested away from men by women! Lots of women hate high heels because they're uncomfortable and for some, they think it's a man's way of keeping them down (or up.....!). Men think they are sexy sometimes but also don't understand the female fascination....

I love them and even with my recent ankle twist (incidentally caused by a pair of flat clogs!), I am a consummate supporter and wearer - proudly!! Heels were intended to be an instrument of war, not seduction and date back to Ancient Egypt. It's a great read (check out and worthwhile but, in the meantime, here are the high heels I have been pining after for the last month or so....

Go ahead ~ which ones do you want?! I've got everything from basic to anything-but...


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