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nice to meet you: skin tone-inclusive footwear

nice to meet you: skin tone-inclusive footwear
2020/08/20 Better Blueprint
In Footwear, Style

nice to meet you: Rebecca Allen, Salone Monet, and Kahmune, three black-owned footwear lines that carry skin tone-inclusive products!!

Have you ever taken a pair of white pumps and painted them the color of your skin? The owner of Kahmune, Jamela A. Acheampong, did! It's one of the first time I've seen any brands created with the entire diaspora in mind - and about time!!

I've ordered my first pair of 90MM enugu-colored Becky pumps from Kahmune as well as my first pair of nude II skims from Rebecca Allen, so stay tuned...

Click and learn which color your true "nude" is!

Welcome to the world of retail Rebecca Allen, Kahmune, and Salone Monet!