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  • Aug202020

    nice to meet you: skin tone-inclusive footwear

    nice to meet you: Rebecca Allen, Salone Monet, and Kahmune, three black-owned footwear lines that carry skin tone-inclusive products!! Have…

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  • Mar102020

    first-ever online sample sale for m.gemi

    I love the M.Gemi brand! It's evreything that is right about footwear ~ handmade, small quantities, quality craftsmanship, Italian leather.....…

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  • Feb152020

    my lust item: sexy heels!

    I love a good heel ~ I mean one that adds that extra umph to your trunk and makes your legs…

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  • Oct242018

    Fall Must-Have #1: Leopard Print Shoes

    You will see them everywhere and if you have a love for them (like a lot of us) then you…

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  • Mar142018

    brightly colored footwear

    Skip the over-utilized black pumps in favor of some brightly colored heels and footwear this spring. It's the IN thing!…

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  • Jan182018

    boot stompin’ in style

    Not all winter boots that work are ugly.... We want form and fashion + function, right?! Case in point! I've…

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  • Dec212017

    rose gold – holiday heel?

    Are you still searching for the ideal holiday heel? Well I've happened upon this rose gold gem and think it's…

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  • Feb032016

    What The Fashionable Are Wearing For Fashion Week!

    I don't often post about what others are wearing unless it makes now! At this year's Paris Couture Spring…

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  • Nov272015

    Ready for the Weekend: In Fancy Flats

    Everyone's doing it! Those fancy lace-up flats are ubiquitous. While I may not love them (they are flats), they do…

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  • Nov132015

    Ready for the Weekend: Boot Out Bad Vibes

    It's time to kick the week to the curb! I don't know about you but my week has been a…

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  • Oct062015

    4 Perfect Pair for the Professional Woman

    Did you catch me on Good Morning Washington this morning dishing on the four pairs of shoes every professional woman…

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  • Sep302015

    Work Pumps: Anything But Ordinary #ElevatedEssentials

    Work pumps don't have to be boring. In fact, work pumps should signal you mean business and, in spite of…

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  • Sep232015
    Cobra Society, Alex Davis, footwear

    On The Road: A Shoe That Travels (On Its Own)

    Tangier, Morocco. New York. southeastern Spain. Barcelona. Florence. Your Cobra Society footwear (for men & women) may be more well-traveled…

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  • Aug272015
    Francesco Russo, shoes, Ruben booties

    Shoe Designer: Francesco Russo

    He’s been designing shoes for over 20 years Originally from Puglia (Italy) – born in 1974 He’s responsible for creating…

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  • May152015

    Ready for the Weekend: Alaia Sandals

    I'm feeling these Greek-inspired bronze sandals. I don't wear shorts but I rock short dresses and full skirts all summer...and…

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  • May122015

    Step Lightly into Spring: After-hours Heels (Part 5/5)

    This is clearly my favorite category because I'm a heels-girl but also because we're talking about the shoes you sport…

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  • Feb062015

    The History of High Heels

    The fables are long and some even funny but, here's the truth about high heels and how they came about.…

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  • Dec112014

    Tall black boots

    It's winter. You need them. Get them. NOW! The options are ridiculously infinitesimal but let me share five rules for…

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  • Oct272014

    MANly Monday: A Lesson in Toe Caps

    The shoe options are kinda endless for guys but the thing we see first is that toe it peaks…

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  • Jul172014

    BIG Little Tip to Wearing Heels Pain-Free

    As I learn, you learn.... So, if you've ever worn your heels all night and got home to some 'dogs…

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  • Apr092014
    blonde salas, steve madden, slip on sneakers

    Foot Fetish of the Day

    Metallic. Comfortable. Versatile. Detailed. Blonde Salad x Steve Madden NYC Slip-on Sneakers...

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  • Mar312014

    Monday MANifesto: Sock vs No Sock

    That is the question... The answer? Do whatcha like...kinda. In reality though, socks for men are a must in the…

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  • Mar242014
    hook + ALBERT - shoelaces - footwear

    Monday MANifesto: Up Your Style Game For $8

    Other than a pocket square maybe, what else can give you instant style and street cred for under $10....? It's…

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  • Nov082013

    Perfect Date Night Shoe

    This shoe, available at Shopbop, is a Celine-inspired beaut! The colors make it as gorgeous with darks as with lighter…

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  • Aug282013

    Thanks Mizhattan for Leopard Print Shoes

    While I love leopard print, this post is 100% inspired by a fellow style blogger, Mizhattan because it just made…

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