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MANly Monday: A Lesson in Toe Caps

MANly Monday: A Lesson in Toe Caps
2014/10/27 Better Blueprint

The shoe options are kinda endless for guys but the thing we see first is that toe it peaks out from a pair of trousers or even denim.

The shoe counts and the toe cap counts too...

The October issue of Esquire showed the picture below and here's what it means:

  • pebbled texture - nice and likely costly
  • varied patination - a bit more formal and still a hefty spend
  • brogueing - more casual (depending on the sole)
  • colored sole - casual but likely cool!

If you dig the colored sole as much as I do, check out Greenwich can create your own look!

{photo from Esquire, October 2014}

{photo from Esquire, October 2014}